Anti Ragging


1. Ragging in the University Campus is totally banned.

2. Any student indulging in ragging will be punished appropriately which punishment may include expulsion or suspension from the university for a limited period or fine with a public apology.

3. Anyone who finds ragging or being ragged in the campus can submit his/her complaint to Proctor on Email ID : kapoords[at]yahoo[dot]com

Prof. D.S. Kapoor
Ph. No. 01262-216485


Sr. No.Anti Ragging Committee
1 Prof. D.S. Kapoor, Dean, SUPVA, Rohtak
2 Dr. M.M. Kaushik, Registrar, SUPVA, Rohtak
3 Sh. Jatinder Sharma, Assoc. Professor, SUPVA, Rohtak
4 Ms. Meghna Srivastava,Assoc. Professor, SUPVA, Rohtak
5 Sh. Ishwar Sharma, Chief Security Officer, SUPVA, Rohtak
6 Sh. Neeraj Malik, Asst. Registrar, SUPVA, Rohtak