Institute of Film & TV

Institute of Film & Television

The Institute of Film and Television is a part of the larger campus with necessary and modern facilities for training students in the art of film making. While students grasp the practical aspect of film making, they also learn the finer nuances of this art. They begin to view their art in context with the moving image and the impact it has on the viewers. There are 5 fields of this art in which training is offered. A common thread that binds all the courses is a one year foundation course where all students, irrespective of their chosen discipline, learn all aspects of film making at a basic level. This is considered essential to imbibe team spirit and equipping a student so that he/she understand the job responsibilities and crafts of other crew members of a film making team..

From the second year onwards the focus shifts to a better understanding of the student’s chosen field of specialisation. Other than acquiring professional skill in the specialization, a student also learns aesthetics and finer points of the art. Intensity of practical work increases in proportion to theoretical inputs and there is frequent interaction with visiting faculty from the film and television industry. Study tours also enrich students’ experience. By the third year a student acquires sufficient knowledge of his/her field of specialization, and enough practical exercises are stated where he/she can showcase conceptual and technical skills culminating in the year end project that compares to a near professional, finished film. This is his/her show reel. The institute offers following streams: Acting, Cinematography, Direction, Editing, Sound Recording and Sound Design